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Debt collection news from around the world.

The challenges of the GDPR for the debt collection industry – what you need to know

HEVERLEE, Belgium (TCM NEWSROOM) – How has the GDPR affected the debt collection industry? We take stock three months after implementation.

TCM expands international debt collection services in Southeast Asia

WANNEROO, Australia (TCM Newsroom) – TCM’s collection services in Southeast Asia are growing significantly and it is thanks to a new project kick-started by TCM Australia, otherwise known as Upper Class Collections.

Debt collection in Belgium – some rules of thumb

HEVERLEE, Belgium (TCM NEWSROOM) – Debt collection in Belgium can be a worryingly complex affair, yet with adherence to clear rules of thumb and with careful guidance, your life is made easier…

TCM Group International’s 23rd annual World Congress – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Letter from the CEO - The TCM Group’s 23rd World Congress and Annual General Meeting was held in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires from 14th May 2018 to 17th May 2018 and was hosted by our member Sintesis/ TCM Argentina.

TCM Group International on ACCEE Credit Matters VI - The Deep Dive Conference


REYKJAVIK, Iceland (TCM Newsroom) - TCM Group International attended the Association of Credit for Central & Eastern Europe (ACCEE) Credit Matters VI - The Deep Dive Conference held in Cracow, Poland between 20th-22nd September 2017 and visited members whilst in Europe.