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Rene Rietschi
Rene Rietschi
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International Debt Collectors since 1968

Specializing in domestic and international debt collection in Switzerland for over 50 years, dieInkasso AG—TCM Switzerland—is a byword in business sectors across the Swiss and European economy for professionalism, efficiency and ethical debt collection.

Our 50+ years of experience means that we are in a unique position to deliver you with comprehensive knowledge of and expertise in Swiss law, at the federal, cantonal and municipal levels.

At the same time, our shareholding membership of TCM Group International, probably the most exacting global network of debt collection agencies on the market, means that we can collect your debt from a local point of contact in over 150+ countries.

Why Partner with TCM Switzerland?

With the increasing competitiveness of markets and the growing deterioration of overall payment moral, it is becoming even more vital for the health of your cash flow to have a trusted and successful collection agency at your side.

In partnering with us to collect your debts, be they regional, national or international, you have made the right decision. Here are some of the reasons why Swiss and international creditors alike choose dieInkasso AG/TCM Switzerland:

  • By placing your claim with us, you save countless hours of unnecessary work and worry. While we are hard at work on your case, you can concentrate your time and energy on the more important tasks of managing the core competencies of your company and promoting your business.
  • As time and energy are money, you also save on unnecessary outgoings by delegating an often complex task to an expert firm that can get the job done in half the time through its high collection efficiency performance levels.
  • As a medium-sized company, we give all our clients personal treatment. This means that we will always advise you on a personal level – your claims are important to us and we treat them as if they were our own money.
  • Each claim is dealt with individually and treated with the utmost care and respect. Our collection strategies are based on years of hard-won experience.
  • Debt collection is a matter of trust. Our team works in accordance with the strictest national and international standards when it comes to the transparency of contracts and ethical collection procedures. Our dedication to your best interests—to the health of your business—is total.
  • You receive regular and prompt updates and reports on all collection files.
  • Our team consists of highly qualified and trained personnel.
Always Amicable before Legal

Because we know the value of your business relations to the vigour of your bottom line, we will always strive to find an amicable solution (e.g., through dunning letters, emails, and phone calls) to your collection problem first. However, should your debtor prove immune to our collection efforts in the pre-legal phase, we will advise you on the legal options open to you. With your consent and with the help of our partner lawyers, we will develop a cost-effective litigation strategy to collect your claim through the courts.

Debt Collection Services

Here, in brief, is a rundown of our suite of services:

  • amicable and legal debt collection in Switzerland and internationally
  • skip tracing
  • credit checking
  • negotiation with debtors and authorities
  • execution of all manner of court procedures (disputed claims) with our partner lawyers
  • filing creditors’ claims in case of debtor bankruptcy