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International Debt Collectors since 2008

International debt collection experts for Nigeria, Esezobor & Partners—TCM Nigeria—was incorporated in 2008 and became fully operational in 2014.

We are a specialized law firm with expertise in areas such as oil and gas, admiralty and maritime law, corporate commercial litigation, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and domestic and international debt collection, to name but a few.

Our unique approach to debt collection combined with our highly skilled team of employees and our constant investment in state-of-the-art technologies allows us to offer you excellence and effectiveness across all of our collection and legal services.

And as a proud member of the world-renowned TCM Group International, we are the first and only Nigerian law firm that can collect your debt ‘glocally’ (globally+locally) in over 150+ countries.


Our Commitment

Our pledge to you is twofold: knowing time is money, we will work to your time schedule; knowing quality means reputation, we will execute with excellence any project you entrust to our firm, especially when it comes to the recovery of delinquent debts.

Our commitment to meeting the high standards you expect from a boutique law firm is exhibited in the professionalism of our performance and the consonance of this performance with our corporate values.

We are confident that we are in every way equipped to serve as your partner in the promotion of your organisation’s goals through the effectiveness of our collection procedures and the quality of our legal expertise.

Our proven track record, in and outside of Nigeria, speaks for itself.


Our Services

Debt Collection:

We combine the soft approach to debt collection, capitalizing on your debtor’s willingness to pay and maintaining the value of your good name, with a firm hand in enforcing your rights as a creditor to lawful financial redemption.


Admiralty Practice:

We have gained extensive experience in the area of admiralty/shipping law and general litigation. Our long-standing clients include fast-growing, domestic companies specializing in bunkering, ship-owning and marine cargo inspection.


Corporate Practice:

We have acquired unparalleled proficiency in delivering corporate services to private individuals and a host of domestic and foreign corporations.



We have amassed formidable practical knowledge in the enforcement of Nigerian constitutional rights—especially the rights of corporations and private persons—and other rights for these entities that are guaranteed under national and international statutes, treaties, and conventions.


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR):

In addition to our proficiency in litigation, we have also become pioneers in the development and application of other tools for conflict resolution—for example, arbitration, mediation, conciliation, propitiation, and intervention.


Company and Allied Matters:

On request, we provide our corporate clients with professional and confidential secretarial and administrative services, logistic and legal services, and other ancillary services catered to satisfying statutory requirements for corporate entities.


Consultancy Services:

Our consultancy and feasibility study services are prompt, efficient and reliable.


Civil Advocacy:

Since our foundation, we have been intensely engaged in civil advocacy. We have organized and participated in a great many events (e.g., workshops, seminars, conferences, and symposia) whose primary goal is the creation of an enabling environment in which the rule of law can flourish.


Areas of Specialization

Here, in full, is a list of the areas we offer specialization in:

  • debt recovery
  • investment
  • taxation
  • insurance
  • oil and gas
  • admiralty and maritime law
  • corporate practice
  • corporate commercial litigation,
  • alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
  • company and allied matters
  • administration
  • real estate consultancy services
  • civil advocacy
  • maritime law practice (litigation, ship finance and general consultancy)
  • real estate
  • banking
  • election petition matters
  • criminal law
  • immigration,
  • intellectual property
  • sports
  • entertainment
  • hotel management
  • hospitality laws