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Sigurbjorn Thorbergsson
Sigurbjorn Thorbergsson
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International Debt Collectors Since 1997

International debt collection experts for Iceland, Mr. Sigurbjörn Thorbergsson and Ms. Helga Loftsdottir established TCM Collections ICELAND in 1997 with the express intent of becoming market leaders in providing best quality debt recovery services to Icelandic and international companies.

And that is exactly what we have become. In particular, we have gained extensive experience in managing debt settlements for Icelandic companies operating internationally, but also for multinational corporations operating across borders.

Our membership of TCM Group International aligns us with boutique law firms and debt collection agencies across every major economic region of the globe and in over 150 countries. In a logistically challenging, economically volatile and culturally complex world, we consider the combination of local presence with global leverage to be key to any successful debt collection operation.

Trust our experience to collect your international debt.

Quality Is Our Priority

Quality is our priority. This is not only our motto but our mission. We aim to provide you with standard-setting collection services by making sure that

  • our correspondence is transparent, prompt, and in the language that you and your debtor speak;
  • our collection procedures are carried out in accordance with strict workflow;
  • our collection operations set the bar for ethical collection practices; and
  • funds are remitted in a timely and secure manner.

As a testament to our commitment to quality, we have had the honour of being voted top quality service provider by TCM Group members for three years running. Mr Thorbergsson has also had the honour of serving as a board member of TCM Group for the past 7 years and as CEO for 3 years.

Out of Court If Possible—In Court If Necessary

Knowing how important your business relations are to you, our first recovery efforts will always be amicable. By sending dunning letters, making telephone calls, and paying visits, we aim to find out-of-court solutions to whatever your collection problem. Only when amicable efforts have proven unsuccessful do we propose court action.

Claims, Clients & Industries

In terms of claim size, we know no floor or ceiling. We have settled claims in the region of hundreds of millions of krona, but have not turned down amounts below 10,000ISK (€60).

Our open-door policy on claim size is reflected in our eclectic client base, which ranges from local leaseholders, farmers, and small-scale businesses to semi-state bodies, Scandinavian conglomerates, and global transnationals.

We see ourselves as having particular expertise in collecting debt for the banking, insurance, manufacturing and fisheries industries, but have also successfully recovered debt in the government, health care and educational sectors.