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International Debt Collectors since 1997

China’s leading international debt collection and credit management services company, TCM China—Inter-Credit Risk Management Ltd.—offers comprehensive coverage of every stage of the credit management and debt collection processes for both personal and business risk solutions.

Whether it is supplying the latest online credit information or updated credit reports, providing investor or collection services, engaging in debt surveillance, or the collection of already written-off receivables, our services are unparalleled on the domestic Chinese market.

For over 15 years now, we have been helping our clients to mitigate risk, improve cash flow, and enhance long-term profitability through hard-won experience and consummate professionalism. In 2007, Inter-Credit obtained the ISO9001 quality certificate issued by the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), the first ISO certification of its kind in mainland China.

Founded in 1997, Inter-Credit is headquartered in the coastal city of Qingdao. We have subsidiaries in Shanghai, Beijing, Jinan, Hefei, Kunming, Harbin, Xi’an, Dalian, Tianjin, Nanchang, Changchun, Nanning, Urumqi, Xiamen, Taiyuan, Shenyang, Chengdu, Guiyang, Hohhot, Lanzhou, Shenzhen, Haikou, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Changsha, and consist of nearly 600 dedicated and experienced professionals.

In 2008, we became a shareholder of TCM Group, a unique global alliance of rigorously vetted debt collection agencies and boutique law firms, giving us global leverage and seamless service integration with our associates in over 160 countries.

Collecting Your International Debt—What We Value

Local & Professional. We have established an extensive network of domestic branches in China and have become significant players in a powerful network of global partners precisely because we are devoted to providing you with best quality services through highly skilled local professionals on a global scale. We employ over 500 experienced collectors located in every major city in China. As TCM Group shareholders, we are in a position to solve your debt collection problems no matter what corner of the globe your debtor may be located in.

Broad Information Source. Leveraging the knowledge derived from a broad information source has become indispensable for global and local debt collectors in the twenty-first century. Not being able to do so means that the collector does not have as clear an understanding of the debtor’s financial status as effective and efficient collection demands. Moreover, not being privy to such knowledge also means that recovering outstanding monies becomes increasingly difficult. As a risk management company with comprehensive coverage at home and worldwide, we can quickly obtain information on the debtor company’s operation, financial status, assets, and management staff.

Safe & Efficient IT Control. Our self-developed collection software enables our team to operate in a safe, efficient, stable and easily monitorable way.

Reasonable Charges—No Collection, No Fee. We collect on a strictly ‘No Collection, No Commission’ basis. This ensures both the highest motivation on our part in the recovery of your monies and the lowest incurrence of cost before the collection process gets underway. Rest assured, we will expend every effort to resolve your debt collection case in an amicable fashion, but should litigation prove unavoidable, we will present you with a number of choices and recommendations in an effort to keep your costs at a minimum.

Personalized Service. Our personalized customer service is always there to report case progress, to communicate promptly and professionally, and to answer any questions you or your debtor may have.

International Debt Collection Services—In or Out of Court

As a nationwide network with coverage in every province in China, Inter-Credit provides you with a one-stop solution for your receivables management, from amicable collections to litigation services.

Our amicable debt collection negotiations are conducted by a team of experienced professionals and through industry-standard channels such as telephone calls, faxes, letters, emails, and face-to-face meetings. Our ultimate goal is to recover your debt as swiftly as possible and in such a way that you maintain business rapport with your client and incur the lowest possible collection costs.

In the event that our amicable collection measures fail to recover your debt, our legal counsellors will continue the recovery efforts through initiating litigation against the debtor upon your request. Our team of accomplished lawyers have intimate knowledge of local court systems and of every step of the litigation process, guaranteeing efficiency and cost-effectiveness in what can otherwise be a costly and long-drawn-out affair.

Our Clients

Numbering over 200, our clients operate in the following industries:

  • Commercial & Consume
  • International Trade
  • Bank & Insurance
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Hotel & Travel
  • Government & Diplomatic Institutions
  • Media & Telecom
Certifications, Achievements, Awards

Obtained ISO9001 quality certificate from SGS, 2007.
Shareholders of TCM Group International since 2007.
Members of Finance Credit & International Business (FICB) since 2008.
Awarded title of “Principal Collection Agency” by the Credit Card Centre of China Everbright Bank, 2010 and 2011.
Awarded “Top Partner Award” by the Credit Card Centre of Industrial Bank, 2010.
Obtained the ISO9001:2008 quality certificate from SGS, 2012.
Awarded title of “No.1 in Success Rate in Collections in 2012” by Zhong An Credit, 2012.
Awarded “Pioneer in Achievements” by China Communication Bank Pacific Credit Card Centre, 2012.
Awarded title of “Regional Leading Agency” by CITIC Bank Credit Card Centre, 2012.
Awarded title of “2008–2012 Best Partnership” by China Merchants Bank Credit Card Centre, 2013.
Awarded title of “Performance of the Pioneer” by the Bank of Communication Credit Card Centre, 2013.
Inter-Credit Nanchang Branch was awarded “Collection Winner” by CITIC Bank Credit Card Nanchang Centre in 2014.